Fun. Innovative. Unique. That’s the new Moto 360 for you!

With exquisite features like a body fitness tracker, classic round design, exclusive dials for men and women, and a lot more, this is the watch that makes time for you.

So, we thought of introducing you to Moto 360’s exclusive features in an exclusive way.

The Motographs 360.

An amazing blend of Moto 360 and a new art form; Cinemagraphs!

Imagine if only the important things caught your eyes and everything else beccame still, life would be so much more intriguing (And not to mention, productive)!

Our #MotoGraphs360 will give you a taste of all this in the form of 5 different stories.

Stories that are ordinary, but have an extraordinary touch to them!

Just one look & you'll know how amazing the new Moto 360 can make your life.

Cut out the noise. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Get your own Moto360 today.